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    Εδω διαβαζετε τις καινουργιες  ελληνικες και γερμανικες εφημεριδες
    Hier lesen Sie  griechische  und deutsche Zeitungen 

    Make Greece Great Again

    Alex Aliferis

    Hellenism not Globalism is Solution for Greece


    For the past seventeen years, Greece is in a rapid state of decline. The decline is not only an economic depression. It is a decline in Hellenism, family, marriages, community, culture, etc.

    The European Union and euro is rapidly destroying Greece and turning it into a nation occupied by an invasion of peoples who don’t stand with Hellenism. The Eurocrats force Greece to become a concentration holding camp occupied by Muslims. Greece is not a free nation. The EU Central Bankers and Brussels Eurocrats control politicians in Athens. Greek citizens have No say in their nation anymore. It’s a façade to think Greece has free will to make its own decisions. It does not have freedom left.

    Globalism’s goals is to destroy nation states like Greece for a one world government tyranny pushed by Rockefeller family, Soros, Clinton, Bush, Merkel, Macron, etc. The European Union is one step closer to a One World Government. Who is leading Globalism? Bankers, Eurocrats, corporatists, and George Soros with his Open Society Foundations across Europe are leading the charge. It’s a system meant to enslave people like 1400 AD Feudalist Europe where the common man had no freedom and was dirt poor.

    With bribes, the Globalist elites pay politicians inside Greece and across all European nations. These elites manage to subvert and take over nations by paying off the politicians. There are widespread links between SYRIZA, Mitsotakis family, Papandreou family, and PASOK to these globalist elites in Greece. These same elites with their foundations and corporations fund the globalist Greek news channels across Greece to brainwash the average Greek. Nations like Poland, Hungary, Skopia(FYROM), Russia, British Conservatives via BREXIT, Serbia and Slovakia are fighting back against Globalist elites. Soros and his foundations are persona non grata in Russia, Hungary, and Skopia. Others will join in freeing their nation. The nations of Europe (Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Croatia, Ireland, UK, Germany, Austria, etc.) are under Globalist target to be destroyed by massive Muslim migrations and economic depression. Western Civilization and Western nations are targets for destruction by these elites.

    Greece is the birthplace of Freedom, and Western Civilization. Greece is the first target.

    It is odd how these Globalist Greek politicians like Alexis Tsipras visit the United States Greek Community to act as “Greek patriots”. Patriots protect Greece’s borders, islands, and citizens from illegal Muslim migrations. Greek politicians come to the USA to lie to Greek Americans how things are getting better. In 2009, I remember a Greek Ambassador to the USA in Washington DC told an audience how the Greek economy is growing. Greece crashed and burned the following year. Again, lies and more lies. Things are not getting better after seven years of more debts, while Globalist politicians in Athens sell off parts of Greece to the highest bidder for pennies on the dollar.

    President Trump said, “Our credo is Americanism not Globalism.” Trump keeps true to his campaign promises. He destroys the Globalist Paris Climate Accord, TPP, ISIS, and is stopping the drive for a North American Union(USA, Mexico, and Canada). Trump constructs a huge wall along the US-Mexico border. Border agents deport criminal gangs who are preying on Americans. These so-called agreements mean the final death of American freedom and economy. Under Obama, the US economy remained flat with over 90 million Americans not in the workforce. There was no American Dream.  Trump leads other nations like India to stand up against Globalist elite domination. Trump means business. Trump exposes corrupt Deep State government elements in Washington DC. It is time for a Greek version of President Trump to MAKE GREECE GREAT AGAIN.

    Greece is suffering under the same wrath of Globalist evil like America. Crime is getting worse in Athens and the countryside. Athenians are afraid to walk alone at night without a bulldog or friends. Illegal Muslims occupy Samos, Lesbos, Chios, Kos, and other islands. Tourists don’t visit those islands anymore. Illegal Muslim migrations into Greece brought huge threat of crime levels high. Athen’s Omonia district is a Muslim No Go Zone like sections of Paris, France.

    Greek security firms tell me how they found many ex-ISIS fighters among these illegal Muslim migrants in Greece. Germany, England, Sweden, and France have daily Islamic terror attacks not reported by the media. They passed through Greece to travel to other nations in Europe. Are you safe in any other districts of Athens other than Plaka? Foreign criminal elements prey on Greek citizens. Average Athenian own thick doors with multiple locks. Each Athenian owns a dog.  Thefts increase across Greece. Taxes are too high. Over 300,000 Greek jobs fled high taxed Greece for 10% Flat Income Tax Bulgaria. Greece’s high government regulations prevent business growth/exports. Corruption plagues Greece. What do you expect when Globalist elites bribe Greek political figures all these years?

    The motto for Greeks must be Hellenism not Globalism. Greece needs a return and revival of Ancient Greek culture, values, ethics, Greek Freedom, language, heritage, customs, food, etc. It is time to throw off the European Union Globalist elite death grip on Greece and Cyprus. Greece is an enslaved nation under Globalist elite control. No more European Union. Time for a GREXIT.

    How the EU Made Greece into a Muslim Ghetto: Video by Faith Goldy
    Faith Goldy  of the Rebel Media is Greek. Her video will wake you up.

    Trump: Americanism not Globalism is Our Credo

    Nigel Farage of UKIP on EU globalist elite hypocrisy, 2010:

    Milo Yiannopoulos: French Girl Says Milo is Right „Europe is Falling“:

    Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus, as well as activating and mobilizing America’s ethnic Greek voters for Republican candidates. Alex is also focused on strengthening bilateral ties between Greece and the U.S.A.

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